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Anirban Mukhopadhyay

it originates from emotion recollected in tranquility – William Wordsworth

My projects to promote community Engagement and Wellbeing

I strongly believe in the community inclusion and inter-community engagement which is the precondition for ‘Wellbeing’. I liaise and work with other organisation which are actively promoting ‘Wellbeing’. Recently, I have been invited to sit in the board of YMCA Cardiff. I am also the Outreach and Engagement Director of a Cardiff based local charity called KIRAN, Knowledge-based Intercommunity Relationship and Awareness Network. KIRAN works for community inclusion and removal of social isolation and hatred. I am the founder of the Centre for Bengali Culture and Heritage, UK, which is a UK based non profit organisation aiming to promote Bengali Art, Culture and Heritage. 

I a involved in a number of projects to promote ‘wellbeing’ in our local communities.  Please check the section below to learn about my projects.

I run a Tabla academy in Cardiff, teaching Tabla to children and adults alike. The students receiving Table tuition have the opportunity to take exam and get certification.

Please contact me if you are interested in receiving Tabla tuition.

I am a qualified theatre teacher. I am the qualified Arts Award Assessor (Gold Level). I also teach LAMDA certification courses to the children and adult alike. 

Please ask me if you are interested to join theatre classes.

I work closely with the charity called KIRAN and take part in ‘Cardiff Literary Corner’ which is a project by KIRAN.

I am recently doing a project which is supported by the Literature Wales called ‘Crime Fiction – Today and Yester years’. As a part of the project I am running workshops on ‘Mahabharata’ which is one of the two epics of India. Ramayana being the other one. 

During the workshops we discuss the characters depicted in Mahabharata at the individual, family and societal levels and the interaction between the characters. Please click here to learn more about my projects.

Please contact me if you want to take part in the workshops. 

I help any individual or organisation working for ‘Wellbeing’ to the best of my abilities. I offer the following services completely free, subject to ‘Terms and Conditions’.

a) Custom Theme WordPress Websites: I make and maintain custom theme websites on WordPress for artists and small community organisations working for ‘Wellbeing’. The websites I make, can contain upto 5 pages. 

b) Help with Charity Accounting: I help small charities which are working for ‘Wellbeing’, with their accounting requirements. 

c) Charity Formation: I help small charities which are working for ‘Wellbeing’ to determine the best form of existence. I also help them with the paperwork for registration or incorporation.

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